Central Fill Pharmacy

Our pharmacists or registered technician prepares the compounded prescription followed by technical checks for accuracy.

The central fill process is a seamless and hassle-free process for the requesting pharmacy and ensures the individual needs of your patients are fulfilled.

Our Central Fill Process

Highlight the role between requesting pharmacy and central fill pharmacy in 3 simplified steps.

For furthur details about the process, contact central fill pharmacy below:

Step 1: Requesting Pharmacy Reviews the Prescription

Your patient presents a compounded medication prescription.


The requesting pharmacy professionals register the patient information for therapeutic review.


The requesting pharmacy receives consent from patient / agent authorizing the transfer of that compounded prescription to the central fill pharmacy after therapeutic check has been performed.


Step 2: Central Fill Pharmacy Prepares the Medication

Central fill pharmacy ( Smith's Pharmacy) compounding pharmacists receive the compounded prescription request from the requesting pharmacy.

Central fill pharmacy prepare the medication and dispense back to the requesting pharmacy after performing technical checks for accuracy.

Step 3: Requesting Pharmacy Dispenses the Medication


When the prescription is received by the requesting pharmacy from the central fill pharmacy, the requesting pharmacy dispenses it to the patient / agent after providing counseling and adressing patients questions.