Vita Aid

Our Vision

With over 20 years of experience in the natural health industry, Our Vision here at Vita Aid is to provide health care practitioners worldwide with high quality and effective natural health products for use in improving patient health.

Vita Aid product line is developed and available exclusively for licensed health care practitioners. We focus on products for professional, safe, and effective therapeutic use and follow strict pharmaceutical-grade standards.

Vita Aid is manufactured by Naturo Aid Pharmaceutical Inc., which is based in British Columbia, Canada. We have our own product development department, professional in-house formulator, and production facility (NHPD-GMP site license #300391). Everything from product development, to production, to bottling and labeling is done in-house. No step in the process is contracted out, which means that we can precisely control the quality of our products from beginning to end.

Vita Aid product development is a continuous and dynamic process. New and innovative formulations are constantly being developed and existing formulations are continuously updated as new studies are published, new technology demonstrating higher bioavailability or vegetarian sources are developed, or when feedback from doctors and patients are received.

Vita Aid products are formulated based on scientific clinical trials and research, with combinations of active ingredients carefully chosen to synergize with each other and maximize effectiveness and bioavailability.

We know that certain excipients can influence the bioavailability of the product, so we use the minimal amount of non-medicinal ingredients needed. We also believe that natural health products should be as natural as possible and minimize the amount of synthetic or processed fillers as much as possible, using natural ones, such as organic apple fibre or beet root fibre, instead.

As another way to maximize bioavailability and minimize the amount of non-natural ingredients, Vita Aid products use capsules instead of tablets. Capsule shells dissolve easily, release their contents quickly, and may contain less than 1% non-medicinal ingredients. Tablets, on the other hand, may not disintegrate fully due to the binding agent, and contain at least 30% non-medicinal ingredients.