SierraSil is a naturally occurring hydrothermal mineral complex from the Sierra Mountains that has been clinically proven to help support a healthy inflammatory response, gently detoxify and improve physical function. With extensive research in human clinical trials for both safety and efficacy with consistently positive results, SierraSil is the natural choice for proven joint relief.

What is SierraSil?

SierraSil is shown to effectively support joint health and calm inflammation, earning two US patents. Most customers feel noticeable improvement in joint discomfort and flexibility within 14 days.

SierraSil originates from a pristine hydrothermal mineral deposit in the US Sierra Mountains. Discovered by a gold prospector many years ago, the mineral deposit has since been used for its health properties, with well over a million servings in Canada.

The minerals present in SierraSil include calcium, potassium, sodium, aluminum, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, silicon, manganese, barium, copper, cobalt, zinc and other natural co-occurring trace elements. Since minerals in SierraSil range from 23mg to fractions of a mg in bio-availability, it is recommended for its healing properties, not as a daily mineral source.

SierraSil is vegetarian-, vegan- and celiac-friendly and is suitable for most dietary needs, including those of athletes.