About Sea-licious

Healthy living, nutrition, family, friendships, balance and a passion for life are the inspirations behind the development of Sea-licious omega oils.

Sea-licious is a BC-based brand founded by a husband and wife team, one a nutritionist and mom-of-three, the other, a renowned naturopathic physician. Both are passionate about products sourced from the highest quality raw materials available, to in turn provide consumers with the results they’re looking for.

“Getting people to enjoy the taste and texture of fish oils was one of the biggest hurdles to overcome when creating Sea-licious. We started with the highest-quality fish oil sourced from sardines, anchovies, and mackerel and then flavored it with innovative, all-natural fruit flavors and the natural sweetener, monk fruit. The result is an omega product that every member of the family will look forward to taking.” – Karlene Karst, founder and nutritionist