Aeryon Wellness Sleep N Beauty 87g

Aeryon Wellness Sleep N Beauty 87g

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  • 60-second video explaining product and ingredient
  • 2 7-day planner veg and non-veg
  • Information on the stress/hormone connections
  • 10 daily affirmations
  • Stress support tips
  • Nutrition’s for stress
  • Restore ingredient breakdown

Sleep N Beaüty Sleep and Collagen Support

• Anti Aging
• Sleep Support
• Collagen Support
• Immune Health

What makes Sleep N Beaüty Unique?
Sleep N Beaüty is an all-natural supplement designed to maintain healthy hair, skin, and nails by supporting collagen formation and supplying anti-aging antioxidants. Each ingredient in sleep n beaüty is formulated to create a youthful glow by improving the quality of sleep, boosting immune health, supporting vision and nourishing hair, skin and nails.

How does Sleep N Beaüty work?
Sleep N Beaüty is formulated with magnesium bisglycinate, GABA and melatonin to promote a restful sleep, relaxation and reduce the signs of stress. These sleep support nutrients are combined with antioxidants and collagen boosting nutrients that protect the body from breaking down (aging,) in addition to building of connective tissue in skin, hair and nails. Fortified with vision and immune support and factors for strong bones and teeth. This formula helps you feel and look younger!!

Sleep N Beaüty works on the first dose. Take 1 scoop (2.9g) once per day at or before bedtime with food. Take a few hours before or after taking other medications or natural health products. For jet lag take once a day at bedtime, while traveling and at destination until adapted to the new time zone or daily pattern. Make sure to check out your FREE sleep n beaüty support tips and meal plans using the QR Code on the bottle.