St. Francis  White Willow 250 mL

St. Francis White Willow 250 mL

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White Willow Tincture takes the edge off headaches and also muscle and joint pains.

• Used in antiquity and by indigenous North Americans to relieve pain and reduce fever
• Contains salicylates that are precursors to the acetylsalicylic drug we know as aspirin
• Antirheumatic
• Antiarthritic
• Relieves headaches and back pain

Who it’s for:
Use our White Willow Tincture to relieve your headaches and fever. It’s also excellent for rheumatic and inflammatory pain.


NPN Use Claim:
Traditionally used in herbal medicine for: (1) the relief of mild headaches, feverish conditions associated with the common cold or influenza; (2) rheumatic and inflammatory pain.