Nestmann Solidago  50 ml

Nestmann Solidago 50 ml

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Solidago is a homeopathic combination formulated for the urinary bladder, urinary tract and kidneys. It is recommended for all kidney affections and acute and chronic infections of the urethra, pyelitis, cystitis, urine retention and prostate conditions. Solidago works through anti-inflammatory effects, by stimulating diuresis and excretion of matter eliminated with the urine, stops cramps of the urinary passages, protects the epithelium coating and prevents the formation of crystallized materials.

Other common symptoms that Solidago can be used for include burning in the urethra, pain or burning during or at the end of urination, frequent urination or urging, bloody urine or discharge, enuresis, prostate hypertrophy, and renal colic.

"Solidago works extremely well for any kidney and bladder infections. Excellent drainage in combination with Lymf-A-Drop and A-Hepatica. Often use it as drainage with parasitical infections in children, which often stops bedwetting. Can be used as diuretic. "

~ Henrietta De Jong, RN., EAV Practitioner. Edmonton, Alberta