Nestmann Rubus  50 ml

Nestmann Rubus 50 ml

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This homeopathic preparation works to stimulate the islet system (hormones insulin and glucagon) in the pancreas, increases the pancreatic secretion (enzymes and hormones) and lowers blood sugar (hyperglycemia, diabetes mellitus) by regulating the sugar metabolism via the intestine, liver and kidneys. Studies have shown an increase in diabetes, particularly due to insecticide intoxication, and this remedy has proven effective in cases of insecticide intoxication.

"In my clinic in Alberta, I would like to share with you the profound results I have seen with clients who have been diabetics for many years.They have taken RUBUS and have significantly decreased their blood glucose levels, come away from oral prescription medications as well as insulin.These clients now use RUBUS as part of their maintenance protocol. I would recommend that this product be included for any metabolic dysfunction or as a stand alone product for prevention and maintenance"

~ Sheila V. DNM, Vermillion, AB