Nestmann Cilantrex   120 tablets

Nestmann Cilantrex 120 tablets

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Cilantrex 120 tablets


Heavy Metal Detoxification, Digestive Aid

  Digestive aid
  Stimulates secretion of the gastric juices
  Crosses blood brain barrier
  Mercury detox from neurological structures

Cilantrex containing cilantro (Coriandrum sativum) plays an essential role in the body by supporting heavy metal detoxification. Many conditions related to nervous system disorders are directly linked to heavy metal poisoning. Cilantrex mobilizes heavy metals (including mercury, aluminum, lead and tin) from tissues, so that they can be further excreted from the body using binding chelation agents (such as chlorella).

Cilantro is also a well-known herb used as a digestive aid and to support the health of the intestines. Cilantro has a carminative, slightly spasmolytic and stimulating effect on the secretion of the gastric juices.

"I have used Cilantrex and Chlorella for mercury detoxification. Patients achieved 20-50% reduction in serum mercury levels in 3 months. They love the taste of Chlorella and think it resembles the taste of sushi"

~ Dr. Isabella Leung, Naturopathic Doctor. Toronto, Ontario