Nestmann Carduus  50 ml

Nestmann Carduus 50 ml

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Product description:

Carduus is a homeopathic combination primarily for gallbladder conditions with secondary effects on the liver. It is used for acute, sub-acute and chronic diseases of the liver and gallbladder with emphasis on gallbladder conditions, constipation, stasis of the portal vein, hemorrhoids, hepatopathy with constipation and difficulty in fat digestion.

Carduus works by improving bile secretion, which in turn improves fat digestion, relieves constipation from increased intestinal peristalsis and helps remove small gallstones (gravel). It also has anti-spasmodic effects and stimulates the blood flow in the portal vein.

"One of my favourite products is Carduus. I treat a number of patients in my practice with digestive issues and I find Carduus is extremely helpful for those patients who are experiencing constipation. Since Carduus helps to support proper bile flow, it plays an important role in improving bowel movements."

~ Dr. Melina Roberts, Naturopathic Doctor. Calgary, Alberta