Nestmann Broncha  50 ml

Nestmann Broncha 50 ml

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  Coughs and asthma support
    Acute and chronic bronchitis
    Respiratory infections
    Natural bronchial dilator

The herbs found in Broncha are among the most extensively researched and documented in terms of their effectiveness related to lung and bronchial diseases. The use of this herbal combination is well known in Germany for coughs, acute and chronic bronchitis, asthma, infections and flu symptoms in the chest.

Broncha works as an anti-inflammatory and relieves cramps in the bronchial tree, loosens mucous and increases expectoration, promotes sweat production, improves oxygen uptake, supports blood purification and is an antitussive with relation to the lungs and bronchi.

"Broncha is very good for any lung conditions involving a cough. Also works with chronic cough in case of allergies and is useful in asthma as well.

Combine with Pleo San Klebs will resolve bronchitis and pneumonia. Also good to combine with Bio Boost in chronic chest infections"

~ Henrietta De Jong, RN., EAV Practitioner. Edmonton, Alberta