Nestmann Aesculus  50 ml

Nestmann Aesculus 50 ml

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This homeopathic formula is used for peripheral circulatory disturbances, as Aesculus improves peripheral arterial circulation (specifically to the extremities) and invigorates the return of venous blood by strengthening the walls and veins. Aesculus is used in cases of arterial circulatory disturbances of the extremities (especially in the legs), angina cruris, peripheral edema, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, tingling and numbness in arms and legs, and cold extremities.

Aesculus is useful for venous congestion. Aesculus not only increases peripheral circulation, but supports and tonifies the vessels. It also helps to reduce congestion in the portal area, as high portal tension often results in hemorrhoids.

"My favourite Nestmann product is Aesculus. It is often one of the first remedies I use with patients. We often discover on the Reba device that circulation is out of balance. And in my mind as a practitioner this means that the most fundamental component of healing is blocked, the ability to get nutrients to target tissues. So I use Aesculus as a driver delivering nutrients, improving function, and improving the self healing capacity of the body. It's also really great for Raynaud’s, cold limbs, or any kind of peripheral diabetic issue."

~ Dr. Tonia Winchester, Naturopathic Doctor. Nanaimo, BC

"I often use Aesculus with my new patients and find they really notice the benefits of it. I consider the three main causes of illness are 1) stress 2) nutrient deficiency and 3) toxicity. This combo opens up the circulatory system and drives nutrients to tissues as it’s draining and cleansing. I figure the more we can get nutrients into cells, the better mitochondria will function, and the better people will feel, and I have great feedback that Aesculus works for this! It’s an excellent formula to over come physiological obstacles to cure and put the body back in to healing mode aka stimulate the Vis. In patients with cold extremities it does wonders to really drive that blood flow. One patient commented she used to wear several layers at work but now she’s the warmest on in the office. I also like it because it sounds fancy. ;)"

~ T.W., ND, Nanaimo, BC