Biotics Research Bio-AE-Mulsion 3000 RAE

Biotics Research Bio-AE-Mulsion 3000 RAE

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NPN: 80019578

Item Code: 1018

Quantity: 1 fl. oz. (29.57 ml) 720 drops per bottle

Description: Antioxidant (Allergies)
Video: "Scared Off" Vitamin A?

Indications: Consider free radical issues, renal and bladder dysfunction, viral and bacterial infections, colds and flu, environmental allergies, acne, night blindness, skin disorders, vaginal douche for candidiasis and vaginitis, thyroid hyper-function, and tinnitus.

Ingredients: Liquid, micro-emulsified vitamin A 3000 RAE/9927 IU per drop with some vitamin E to prevent oxidation

Suggestion: 1 drop in pure water or on the back of your clean hand, daily before meals or as directed.

References: Independent research and additional information
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