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Not all stories are love stories. But this one is.
A story of passion, risk, hardship, and determination.

Like any good love story, there are bound to be bumps along the way.
And, the bumps in this story begin in Romania. Yes, Romania.

It was the 70’s. Cornelius Pasare, a young headstrong man with a mind full of ideas and the will to see them through, secretly defected communist Romania in search of freedom for himself and his wife. Solely, he set out on a journey unknown. His wife Donna, unable to leave with him, waited hopefully while under-watch by her country.

During their time apart, they experienced setbacks and despair. With little to no communication between them, it was incessantly difficult to believe in the future together. It really was trying times. Their fate and love for one another was tested. But, they were determined – persistent and smart, and after 3 daunting years, they finally reconnected. Proving, if not to anyone else but themselves, that taking chances on something you believe in, is worth it and that love really is something worth sacrificing.

Celebrating our roots after 35 years

It was the 1980’s. The couple was new to Canada and Canada was new to the employment downturn. Canadians who made it through the recession clung to their jobs. But Cornelius Pasare (an engineer), who had been working for a waste management firm in Toronto and his wife Donna (an architect), was troubled by the lack of science-based natural health options. Frustrated by limited traditional natural medicines and organic foods that had been available in their native country, they decided to bravely leave their jobs and dedicate their lives to a cause they knew they loved as much as each other.

The rest is, as they say – history.